Mad Hatter Tea Party


Kids just love Alice in Wonderland and the thought of a Mad Hatter Tea Party will make some kids squeel with delight!

Here are some ideas for planning your Mad Hatter Kids Party!

Mad Hatter Kids Party Theme

When planning your Mad Hatter Tea Party, you can send out Tea Party Invitations with the Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter theme.

Mad Hatter Kids Tea Party

You can also make your own invitations using clip art and have some fun with your party host!

Mad Hatter Party Decorations

The Party Works

Party Works has all the supplies you will need for your tea party. Candles, balloons, goodie bags and more. Best prices on the web. Visit their site to see all the options.

When you are decorating for your kids tea party, you can use clip art, balloons, decks of cards, and get tons and tons of hats! You can also have a dress up bin and let the kids dress up in costume.

Mad Hatter Party Banner

Alice-Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Party Banner Customize your very own Mad Hatter Party Banner with Party Works. These can be made for inside or outside use and are available in 3 sizes. Make your tea party really special with this custom Tea Party Banner.

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Mad Hatter Party Games

Tea Cup Brigade - Tea Party Game

Have a water brigade - outside of course with tea cups! Just split the party into two or three teams, get the same number of tea cups and 2x as many buckets.

For extra fun, color the water in the bucket and let the brigade begin!

Queen of Hearts - Tea Party Game

This can be an indoor or outdoor game, put a deck of cards into a container and the child who draws the queen of hearts - or any other card you choose - is the winner!

Pin The Spout on the Tea Pot - Tea Party Game

A spin off of pin the tail on the donkey, you can make your own pin the spout on the teapot game.

Tea Pot Pinata - Tea Party Game

Make a pinata in the shape of a Tea Pot! Just use a balloon and paper mache to make your tea pot! Kids of all ages love this game.

Mad Hatter Party Crafts

Have the kids decorate some hats! This is tons of fun, use crepe paper, glitter, fake flowers, playing cards etc. I like to do this one outside to keep the mess out of the house.

Mad Hatter Giant Chess

What would be more fun when entertaining than to have a giant outdoor chess set at your Mad Hatter theme party!! These are awesome and if your tea party is going to be outdoors, this is a must. This is one of the best Alice tea party ideas we have come across.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Menu

Serve up some Tea Party Sandwiches in the shape of hearts, diamonds, clovers and spades! Just buy some cookie cutters and use them on the sandwiches!

Get creative with the cake, make a teapot out of two bundt cakes or use a 13x9 slab cake and cut it in the shape of a HAT! Visit our Tea Party Cakes Page for more cake ideas.

I hope these ideas helped with your kids tea party. Have fun!


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