Looking to buy a healthy kombucha scoby

by Zach
(New Zealand)


can you please help me, I am looking to buy a healthy kombucha scoby or culture.

Do you recommend a specific supplier? How do I know how good the kombucha culture will be? (I want the best possible scoby I can get!!)

Thanks very much


Your in Luck, we sell kombucha culture starter kits! These are top quality kombucha scobies that we cultivate for 10-14 days prior to shipping to give you an excellent starter kombucha along with the associated starer liquid (very strong kombucha tea).

We have had nothing buy happy customers! Our kombucha scobies are very healthy and guaranteed. If you aren't happy, just let us know and we will replace your kombucha mama for you.

To buy the kombucha starter kit, which includes a free download ebook for getting started, just visit our Kombucha Culture Starter Kit page to place your order.

Thanks for the question.


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