Laxative Tea

Laxative Herb Tea - Tea Cleanse

Laxative tea and natural tea cleanses have been used by tons of people for 1000's of years. Long before there were such items as exlax, we had to rely on herbs and natural laxatives to relieve bowel problems.

Laxative Tea

Laxative herbal teas and cleansing tea are also used in conjunction with cleansing and detox. The most popular of these cleansing programs is the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet which uses Senna Tea as the laxative tea during the cleanse.

Senna leaves and Senna tea are one of the most common and widely used laxative herbal teas.

We recommend that you buy your senna from Mountain Rose Herbs, they offer organic senna leaves for making herbal tea and cleansing teas. Just follow the banner below. (If you order in bulk, you can save up to 40%. This is the best source of organic herbs and spices for making tea.

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Natural Laxatives

Other than senna, there are other natural laxatives and teas you can try as well. Another common one is Smooth Move Laxative Herb Tea. Senna is an ingredient in this tea as well and sometimes people use this one during the Master Cleanse as well.

You can buy Smooth Move Tea through these vendors below, it is quite inepensive and very effective in getting things moving through your bowels. Note: Once you drink the tea, stay home a few hours, you will thank me!!

Green Tea Laxative

One of the more popular questions we get sent to us is: "Is green tea a laxative?" - and the simple answer is no, green tea is not a laxative. Green tea is a diuretic. Diuretics make you pass water frequently, but you will not get a bowel movement from drinking green tea or trying to use green tea as a laxative.

Master Cleanse - Senna Tea

If you are going to try the Master Cleanse that uses laxative herbal tea as part of the cleanse, we recommend that you purchase the Master Cleanse Program. It will really help you to get through the 10 day cleanse with as few problems as possible.

It is difficult to do a 10 day cleanse with no food, and most people give up after just a day or two. This program has tremendous success. Click Here and check it out. I used it and would not have gotten through the process without the tips and help in this program. (I lost 10lbs and feel so much better!!)

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