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The roots and history of kombucha tea go way way back in time. Some say it originated in China and others claim it originated in Russia.

Regardless of where the origin is from, this tea has been passed from generation to generation by the kombucha mushroom or kombucha culture.

The kombucha mushroom or culture is a living organisim, and while some may be turned off by the site of it, I like to think of the living culture as something similar to a yogurt or sour dough starter! Both of these are living as well.

kombucha tea

You can not make Kombucha Tea with out the kombucha mushroom. If you have a friend that is making kombucha at home, you can ask for a "baby kombucha culture" or you can purchase one online. We have Kombucha Mushrooms for sale, here.

The health claims of Kombucha are many. Some say it turns their gray hair back to its original color, arthritis sufferers have reduced inflammation and no pain, wrinkles can even dissappear. One thing I have noticed is that Kombucha seems to have a different effect on many people. Its most common claim is an increased immune system and more energy. Almost all kombucha drinkers experience these two results. To read more about Kombucha Benefits, visit our Benefits of Kombucha page.

If you are thinking about trying Kombucha, start off slow and increase your daily intake. The first time I tried Kombucha, I could actually feel it moving through my body, and experienced a tingling sensation!

We have a Kombucha Recipe for you once you have a kombucha scoby or mushroom, just click here!

E-Book - How to Brew Kombucha Tea

We have put together a great resource for any one who is new to Kombucha brewing at home. This ebook makes it easy for any one to brew a great batch of Kombucha any time. We have made it really affordable at just $4.95 to get you going. It is an instant download. Once you have paid, you will be directed to the download page where you can save your book and print it out for reference. Feel free to share it with your friends, and give the book to any one who may benefit.

How to Brew Kombucha E Book - $4.95

I hope you enjoy Kombucha as much as many others do, it really is a great health drink.

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