Kombucha Danger

Brewing Kombucha Tea


If you are a kt lover, kombucha danger when home brewing should be something that you are concerned about.

We gets lots of emails about mold on the kombucha culture or scoby and if it poses a danger to the final product.

There are some things you should know to look for when brewing your kombucha tea.

Making Kombucha - Need to Know

kombucha danger

There are a few 'need to know' points when you choose to brew your Kombucha at home.

1.) Sterile Equipment - this is a must. Anything that comes into contact with your Kombucha tea at any time must be sterile. If not, contamination will occur and you may develop mold in the brew. Any concern or question about mold on your kombucha culture - better to be safe than sorry, throw it away.

2.)Quality of Kombucha Culture - Your culture is really the life line of your kombucha. Treat it with absolute care and caution. Do not let it touch anything 'metal' and keep it stored under proper conditions - glass jar.

3.)Too Hot for Fermentation - if you try to speed up the fermentation process that makes the delicious kombucha tea, you may introduce micro organisms that you did not intend for. Do not try to heat it up to make the kombucha brewing process go faster. It should be brewed in a well ventilated, warm but not hot area.

4.)Storing your finished product. Make sure that you store your finished product in sterile containers that have no metal and are all glass. Kombucha can pull the properties from metal and transfer them to you in the tea.

There have been reported deaths, and liver damage associated with home brewed Kombucha Tea, however for the number of people who drink the tea, and the reported instances, the dangers are quite low.

Please follow the guidelines above and you should have no problems.

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