Kombucha Culture

Kombucha Mother - Kombucha Mushroom

A Kombucha culture, kombucha mushroom or kombucha mother is a necessary ingredient in brewing your own Kombucha Tea. Kombucha tea has been around for more than 2000 years and is said to be the Elixer of Youth!

Kombucha Culture

Just like you need a starter to make sourdough, you need a starter to make Kombucha! Without it, no tea my friend. The starter is known as the kombucha culture, kombucha mushroom or kombucha mother.

In order to make a fine brew of Kombucha tea, you must obtain a reliable source for purchasing your Kombucha mushroom, culture, or mother. There are reputable online sources you can buy from and prices range from $10 - $50 depending on the quality of the Kombucha mushroom, culture or mother you are buying.

What is Kombucha Culture?

Kombucha Mushroom - Kombucha Mother

Kombucha culture is a spore or spawn of living bacteria, like a mushroom (hence the name Kombucha Mushroom) or the bacteria cultures in yogurt and cheese. The culture contains Vitamins C and B's and several living bacterias (including probiotics), enzymes and minerals.

Instead of making a yogurt or cheese, kombucha culture is used for a much shorter period of time and the ‘kombucha tea’ poured off.

At first I had a really hard time with Kombucha, it reminded me of the stale cup of coffee with mold floating on it you find in your office every now and then! But, I got over it when I was able to relate it to cheese and yogurt.

Well brewed Kombucha tea tastes similar to apple cider with a little more vinegar.

The kombucha mushroom is a living organism that contains nutrients that can really help your body and immune system. Kombucha Health Benefits are plenty and some of those that drink it swear by it.

If you have any trouble finding the a kombucha mother, mushroom or culture, please let us know we have them for sale and ours are top quality, healthy and brewed/created in organic tea!! Follow our instructions for How to Make Kombucha Tea and I am sure you will get a great batch.

If you have made Kombucha tea or have tried it, please share your stories and comments in our Herbal Tea Forum . Many people are interested in individual experiences with the kombucha tea, especially the euphoric feeling some people achieve with consuming it.

Kombucha Starter Pack - Buy a Culture!

Kombucha Mushroom - Kombucha Mother

Buy yourself a Kombucha Scoby or Culture starter from Crazy for Tea. Our Kombucha Mushrooms & Kombucha Mother is made with 100% Chinese Green Tea, organic.

Brew Your Own Kombucha

We will ship you a starter Kombucha Mushroom packed with care including the starter liquid (strong Kombucha) required to get your own batch of Kombucha going. We guarantee our Kombucha mushrooms to arrive in good condition. You won't be dissappointed.

What you get:

  • Healthy Culture - Kombucha Scoby - Kombucha Mushroom
  • Starter Liquid
  • Instructions for Making your First Batch

  • Enough Green Jasmine Tea for your first batch!
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    Once your order is recieved, we will ship your fresh Kombucha Scoby in 10 days. We will send you an email when your order is on its way.


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    Just Buy the How to Brew E-Book

    How to Brew Kombucha Tea

    We have put together a great resource for any one who is new to Kombucha brewing at home. This ebook makes it easy for any one to brew a great batch of Kombucha any time. We have made it really affordable at just $4.95 to get you going. It is an instant download. Once you have paid, you will be directed to the download page where you can save your book and print it out for reference. Feel free to share it with your friends, and give the book to any one who may benefit.

    How to Brew Kombucha E Book - $4.95

    If you still aren't sure that home brewing Kombucha is for you, you must buy our Kombucha Brewing E-Book. This resource takes you right through the Kombucha Home Brewing process. It is detailed and easy to follow. You will be assured of brewing a tasty batch of Kombucha Tea. Offered to our valued readers at just $4.95 this resource could easily be sold for $14.95 or more.

    Buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed!

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