Culture, Scoby or Mushroom?

Kombucha Teas history runs deep and long.


According to various sources, the first tea of it's kind originated in China, and due to it's amazing healing properties, earned the name The Elixer of Life.

Some people also refer to the tea as Manchurian Mushroom Tea, however they are the same.

History of The Elixir

One of the things that I find most amazing about the culture or scoby is the fact that it remained to exist and continued to be shared by people. Think about it, the scoby had to travel by horse or foot in a time of no planes, trains or automobiles!!

I truly believe that it was the healing properties alone that spurred its continued existence. When a village heard of a tea that could heal and cure almost any ailment, they would go to great lengths to obtain a scoby or culture. Once you have a healthy scoby, there is tea for life!

KT Today

Today, you can buy KT in supermarkets, specialty stores and health food stores. It is often sold under the name KT for short. It is quite expensive to buy by the bottle and comes in an array of 'flavors'.

KT can be made at home with just a few items and ingredients. To learn more about home brewing KT visit our Brewing KT at Home reference page.

Buy A Scoby or Mushroom

We have KT cultures for sale! Just imagine brewing your own KT and flavoring it as you like! No more expensive bottled KT to buy. You will save a ton of money if you are a KT junkie! Visit our Buy a Scoby page to order your now and start on the road to a healthy life style.

E-Book - How to Brew Home Brew KT

We have put together a great resource for any one who is new to Kombucha brewing at home. This ebook makes it easy for any one to brew a great batch of Kombucha any time. We have made it really affordable at just $4.95 to get you going. It is an instant download. Once you have paid, you will be directed to the download page where you can save your book and print it out for reference. Feel free to share it with your friends, and give the book to any one who may benefit.

More Articles & Resources

We have lots of great articles and information about KT on our site, including an awesome Do-It-Youself Brewing E-Book, Recipes, Information & Culture Kit to make your own.

Here are our most popular pages:

How to Brew KT At Home - E Book - $4.95


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