kombucha tea kit

by Lucia
(Houston US)

Kombucha Tea Kit Question

What exactly are the contents of the kombucha kit?
Thank you for your time and answer.

Thank you for your question about our Kombucha Tea Kit. Your Kombucha Culture Kit will contain:

1.)a healthy kombucha baby grown just for you!
2.)healthy kombucha starter liquid
3.)Jasmine Green Tea Jumbo Tea Bag (for your first batch of kombucha)
4.)Link to How to Brew Kombucha EBOOK

All you will need is a glass container, water, and white sugar. You will have your kombucha culture, starter liquid, and a jumbo tea bag to make a big batch of Kombucha Tea. Your instructions are contained in the Kombucha Brewing Ebook so you can save them to your computer or print them out for reference.

This is the basic kit and all you need to have years and years of brewing at home.

You can buy the Kombucha Starter Kit here

Thanks and enjoy!

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