Can A Kid Tea Set Make Your Child Healthier?

If you'd like your children to have good habits, a kid tea set would make a wonderful contribution to that!. Like father like son, and like mother like daughter, you want your children to be the strongest, smartest, healthiest they can possible be.

Why not start by giving them a great habit like you already have - drinking tea! Think about the psychological perspective of buying a kid tea set.

They see you drinking your tea everyday and growing healthier by the day.

Naturally, they want to model you so they start to become interested in it as well.

If you've been a tea drinker for awhile they've probably already asked you about it. They will most likely also become interested in doing things that are healthy for their bodies, since they've learned it from such a great teacher (you).

Kids tend to develop after their role models; namely parents, friends, and maybe sports superstars or Hollywood stars. Although most people think this is a "stage" it's really something that can affect them in the most important part of their life. Just like they have studies that show that abused kids are more likely to abuse their loved ones, studies also show that kids are a mirror image of their parents in loving families.

I'm not saying that you should make every effort to make your children like tea.

However, if they model your behavior and start drinking tea themselves they will most likely become healthier individuals in all areas of their life. Will this DEPEND on them getting a kid tea set? Probably not, but getting a kid tea set for them will also teach them "growing up" skills such as sharing, appreciating, and communication, which never hurt anybody.

Just think about what happens when your child and their friends have a tea party instead of doing something like playing with almost any kind of toy. Instead of his or her room sounding like a bomb just went off, they will be unleashing their imaginations on one another and probably pretending to be a king or queen in some foreign country. As you can imagine, this room would be much less noisy than one where they are pretending their dolls are alive.

So there it is, my version of the best possible outcome of getting a tea set for your child. Do I honestly think buying them a tea set would change their lives? Probably not, but you never know!

It's good to have one anyway in my opinion.


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