Kenyan Tea

by Dave Bello
(Holland, PA)

Dave Bello

I'm a tea lover, thank you in advance for your time.

I was recently given a gift of 1 lb. of African Tea from Kenya by a student who went there on a missions trip. It's great tea, but it's a granular. My Question: Why granular tea as opposed to the leafy tea we buy in stores? Pluses? Minuses? Thanks so much.

Dave Bello

Hi Dave - thanks for stopping by! I am not familiar with this tea or why it would be granular. My guess is it is a herbal tea as opposed to a leaf tea from the camellia sinensis plant (tea plant).

Africa is known for its rooibos tea which comes from a different plant all together and is not a true tea but a herbal tea.

The granuals must be an effect of processing (which leads one to ask ??'s).

How is it made, what type of processing does this tea undergo?

Perhaps try the supplier direct. They should be able to answer you fully.

Please come back and post your findings.
Thanks again.

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