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All about Kava Kava

Kava Kava tea is become more common in North America, but it will never be as popular as where it originates from in the South Pacific.

Kava Kava Bars serve up this delicious tea all day long on many islands in the South Pacific and it has a history spaning over 1000 years.

Wikipedia states the following:"Kava - Piper methysticum - Piper Latin for "pepper", methysticum Greek for "intoxicating" . So in short, intoxicating pepper!

Kava Kava is also a tranquilizer and should be used with caution. Kava is gaining popularity in North America and the last few years have seen Kava bars opening dedicated to serving up this intoxicating tea.

We have lots of information about Kava on our site including the Benefits of Kava Kava and many other articles.

If you are looking for a kava tea recipe, you can find a tradtional kava recipe here

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When you are looking to buy kava, you have two main concerns and we have taken care of both for you. First, the area which the kava comes from, and second, is it organic.

Mountain Rose Herbs has top quality organic kava from the prime Kava region of Vanuata. If you are going to invest in buying kava, the Vanuata region is the best kava you can get. To visit Mountain Rose Herbs just follow their banner below.

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More Kava Kava Information

We have loads of information about Kava Kava for you to do further reading and research, here are our most popular articles.


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