Kava Recipe

Our Kava Recipe page will help you to plan the perfect Kava Party or gathering!

Kava parties are a great alternative to having an alcoholic social event. Many people have never tried Kava Kava and what better way to introduce them to it's wonderful social effects than to throw a party!

For thousands of years the native people of the South Pacific islands have had ceremonies and gatherings that included passing the Kava bowl around.

Kava is know to enhance the mood at parties and increase socialization. We have put this Kava page together so you can prepare Kava for your next event or party. Check out our Kava Tea Store for some great buys on Kava Kava to use in the recipes below.

Kava Recipes for Parties!

To traditionally make Kava Tea is time consuming and messy, so the first recipe we are going to provide involves powdered kava. This is an easy recipe and great for making large batches for parties without the mess to clean up!

Kava Tea for Gatherings

Instant Kava Recipes

You will need:

  • Powdered Kava Root
  • Fresh Pure Water
  • Ice - optional
  • Blender
  • Additional Flavour - Lemon, Ginger etc - optional

You need to follow the water to kava powder ratio on the kava powder you purchased - typically it is one tablespoon of powdered kava to one cup of water - BUT there are varying strenghts of the powder and suggested amounts vary. So please read your package.

Add the required amount of kava powder to your blender, add the fresh cold water and frappe! You can add ice and flavour if you like to mask the odd taste of the kava, but that is it.

You are on your way to a kava party! Kava can be sipped or slammed - but the effects are felt more rapidly if drank slowly.

Traditional Kava Recipe

Traditional kava making is a time consuming and messy process, but some people claim it is well worth the extra effort. So if you are not short on time, and don't mind a bit of mess, I encourage you to give it a try!

Here is what you need to get going:

  • Kava Root - Ground
  • 1 Quart of Water for every cup of ground Kava Root
  • Bowl - Traditional Kava Bowls are best!
  • Cloth - 100% organic fibre if possible

Here is what you do. If you have been lucky enough to have obtained high quality ground kava root, you place 4 tablespons (or more depending on the strenght of the ground kava root) of the root into the cloth and bind it.

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Place the water in the kava bowl and add the cloth. Massage the cloth with your hands until the water in the bowl takes on a milky brown appearance. This can take any where from 1-5 minutes depending on how much massaging and kneading you are doing.

At this point ring out the cloth and pour off the liquid. It is ready to drink. You can reuse the kava, but the next batch may not be as strong, or you can massage it longer to get a stronger tea.

Note: If you have purchased whole Kava Root the process is more involved, you must grind and masage the root to allow the kava herb to emulsify in the water. This can take many minutes to an hour or more. A whole root simply will not work.

A little messy, but this is an effective authentic recipe for making Kava tea.

I hope you enjoy and your friends like it too! Happy Kava gathering!

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More Kava Kava Information

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