Kava Kava for Anxiety

Many clinical doctors support the use of Kava Kava for anxiety.

While Kava can not be mixed with presciption drugs, it is an effective alternative in the treatment of mild depression and anxiety.

Kava can be consumed in a variety of forms. Kava supplements, and Kava extract have become popular ways of introducing the herb into the body over the last 10 years. However, Kava tea is the traditional method of consumption for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Kava Kava has been proven to reduce the feelings associated with anxiety. Certain kavalactones in the herb have a calming effect on the mind and bring an over all sense of well being.

Many people have eliminated anxiety from their lives without the use of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals by introducing Kava to their diet.

Kava Kava For Anxiety

If you are an anxiety sufferer, you know what a tremendous result this is! It is important to note that you should not mix Kava with prescription drugs or medication that can effect the liver such as tylenol or asperin and that your medical doctor or advisor should be aware that you have chosen Kava as a method of anxiety reduction and elimination.

For thousands of years, the people of the South Pacific islands have embraced Kava as a spiritual healer and cerimonial drink. It is used in social settings and is far preferred over alcohol.

Kava is derived from the Piper Methysticum plant and has been consumed in its native land for thousands of years.

The effects of Kava have been compared by some to that of valium - but different. Kava Kava is non addictive and you do not run the risk of addiction as you do with some pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety and depression.

Effects of Kava on Anxiety

The effects of Kava Kava are affected by the way the herb is consumed. Supplements, capsules, liquid forms and extracts and genuine Kava tea are all ways of consuming Kava Kava for anxiety and they have different reactions and reaction times with different people.

This is because our biochemistries are all different, and react to the herb in different ways.

Some of the effects of Kava can include:

  • Relaxed State - without feeling "drugged"
  • Reduced Muscle Tension - kava is a muscle relaxant
  • Overall Sense of Calm
  • Mental Clarity
  • Mild Euphoria

This combination is felt on different levels by different people. Some may feel one effect more than another, and some may not feel the effect at all.

Kava Kava has been used socially for thousands of years and historically is a social beverage. Promoting enhanced coversation and thought in a social setting.

After consuming Kava Kava tea, you will feel drowsy after a few hours, so it is an effective treatment for those suffering from insomnia as well.

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