Kava Herbal Tea

Kava Herbal Tea has been a popular elixer in some cultures for more than three thousand years. Kava Kava side effects are few and Kava herbal remedies have been used to treat certain ailments through out the years.

Note: Do Not mix Kava Tea with presciption drugs and excessive alcohol use.

Kava Tea is the most common way to ingest Kava Kava. The tea is made from the root of the Kava Kava plant, botanical name Piper methysticum which means "intoxicating pepper".Intoxicating is a good description of Kava Kava. Visit our Kava Recipe Page for some easy to follow kava tea recipes.

Kava Herbal Remedies

Kava Kava has been used in the Polynesian Islands and surrounding areas as a herbal remedy for many conditions. Kava is said to help and aid in some of the following:


  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Eliminate Panic Attacks
  • Achieve Mental Clarity
  • Treat Insomnia
  • Detoxification
  • Muscle Relaxant
  • Reduce/Eliminate Pain
  • Aid in Unrinary Tract Health
  • Reach A Euphoric State

To get some better insight into the remedies above, visit our Kava Herbal Remedies page. The consumption of Kava Kava is not a one time deal. If you are going to drink Kava and want to enjoy this herbal treat it is something you must do on a regular basis.

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The kavalactones, the active ingredient in Kava that creates the euphoric state actually build up in your body, so after drinking Kava Kava regularily, you will only need a cup or two to feel the effects.

If you are a new Kava drinker, start slow, everyones body reacts differently. In the beginning you may not feel the full affect of Kava. But you will as the kavalactones build up in the body.

Kava Herbal Tea effects eyes and ears, and they will be sensitive after Kava consumption. Kava is usually consumed after sunset and you will want to be in a dark quiet room to fully enjoy your experience.

The top producer of Kava for export is the Republic of Vanuatu. Kava Kava is native to the Polynesian islands. If you visit the area you will find locals congregating in the community Kava Bar after sunset. The Kava Bars have become popular in the native areas.

You can buy the root to make your own tea, or buy a powdered or an extract form for convenience. The liquid kava, kava extract , supplements, concentrates and pills do not appear to have as strong an effect as the actual root of the plant.

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More Kava Kava Information

We have loads of information about Kava Kava for you to do further reading and research, here are our most popular articles.


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