Kava Herbal Remedies

Kava Herbal Remedies have helped and aided the inhabitants of the South Pacific Islands where the plant is native for thousands of years.

It is a preferred social beverage in these islands, even over alcohol, as it is non-addictive and the reaction to the beverage is much more suited to consumption in a social environment.

That being said,Kava Kava Tea has been used to treat the following conditions and has amazing medicinal qualities. Here are Kava Tea Benefits for you to consider:

Kava Herbal Remedies

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Eliminate Panic Attacks
  • Achieve Mental Clarity
  • Treat Insomnia
  • Detoxification
  • Muscle Relaxant
  • Reduce/Eliminate Pain
  • Aid in Unrinary Tract Health
  • Reach A Euphoric State

Kava Kava And Anxiety

Kava Kava has been noted to reduce or eliminate anxiety and bring an over all sense of calm to those who encorporate Kava Tea into their diets.

Panic attacks and mild anxiety are affected by a combination of the kavalactones that are in the root of the Kava Plant.

Independant studies have shown the results of Kava to out perform sucha pharmacuticals as tranquilizers and anxiety-reducing agents. Most of the research on this topic has been performed in Europe, leaving North Americans some what in the dark on the positive effects of Kava Kava.

The real plus is Kava Kava is not addictive as are most prescription drugs used to treat anxiety.

Kava Kava And Insomnia

As noted above, Kava Kava brings on over all sense of calmness to those who drink it, combining this state of calmness with the muscle relaxant affects of the herb and there you have it, the ability to obtain a good nights sleep without sleeping pills or a night cap.

Some people report vivid life like dreams when sleeping under the Kava Kava spell, others don't see any difference in their dreams at all. Everyone's experiences seem to vary somewhat on the dream state.

Kava Kava As A Pain Killer

Kava is noted to elimate and treat such pains as headaches, tooth aches and over all body aches.

When drinking Kava, some people experience numbness of the tongue and throut and again a combination of certain kavalactones in the plant are pain killers.

Head ache reduction is a combination of the pain reducing and muscle relaxant effects of the tea. The combinations of the tea are amazing.

Natives to the area where the plant is grown have chewed on the root to relieve tooth pain.

Kava Herbal Remedies

Kava Tea Benefits

So whether you are looking for the euphoric state of mental clarity, or as a treatment for one of the above conditions, Kava Kava's effects are far reaching.

One of the most interesting points in all of this is that it is a non addictive substance. In my opinion that issue alone leads people suffering from the above conditions to at least try Kava to elimante their symptoms.

Buy Kava Kava

When you are looking to buy kava, you have two main concerns and we have taken care of both for you. First, the area which the kava comes from, and second, is it organic.

Mountain Rose Herbs has top quality organic kava from the prime Kava region of Vanuata. If you are going to invest in buying kava, the Vanuata region is the best kava you can get. To visit Mountain Rose Herbs just follow their banner below.

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More Kava Kava Information

We have loads of information about Kava Kava for you to do further reading and research, here are our most popular articles.


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