Jasmine green tea - safe during pregnancy ?

by Suzanne
(Perth Western Australia)

Tea Question

Is 1 to 2 cups of jasmine green tea a day safe to drink during pregnancy ? (I know caffeine intake should be limited during pregnancy and jasmine essential oils avoided but I'm not sure about Jasmine tea... or Jasmine rice !)

Hello and thanks for the question - All tea green, black and white should be avoided during pregnancy. The caffeine content is too much for your baby. One to two cups a day of jasmine green tea is not a good idea.

You need to switch to a pregnancy tea, or pregnancy safe herbal tea. There are very few teas which are considered safe to drink during pregnancy.

Jasmine oil is in the tea too, and as you mentioned, not safe during pregnancy - it is also in the rice.... so sorry, but I wouldn't consume either of these.

Hoping this helps - you can always drink decaffeinated tea - or learn how to decaffeinate your own on our Herbal Tea's that are safe during pregnancy section.

Have a healthy happy pregnancy.

I hope this helps,


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