Why You Should Buy Japanese Tea Cups!

When it comes to drinking tea, you want to make sure you have a great cup to put it in. Japanese tea cups are definitely the way to go!

If you want to be like everyone else and put your tea in some boring, plain old mug - go ahead. But if you want to drink it like it should be drank, Japanese cups will add much beauty and elegance to your tea collection.

What's the point of making some fantastic tasting tea, just to end up putting it in some old mug that's been sitting in your cabinet for years and is probably starting to wear away?

Japanese tea cups are meant to have tea in them. As Phoebe from the TV series friends would say, they're "fulfilling their life purpose by you drinking tea from them!"

Obviously I'm kidding, I don't actually think these tea cups have a life purpose, but you get my point!

Whether your a beginning tea drinker or have been drinking it for awhile, I think it is worth your while to start upgrading the cups you use. There are many fantastic varieties out there that are gorgeous and yet you probably don't even know of them!

Just think about the next time a friend comes to your house and sees a nice brand new set of tea cups. They'll love them and think they're very expensive, thus being impressed by you. Deep down however you'll know that they really aren't expensive, they just look it!

If you are looking to upgrade your tea cups, consider visiting the 2 following websites.

Generation Tea - Japanese Tea Cups

You can also visit the website below. They don't exactly have "Japanese" cups, but they are still pretty nice!

Dragonwater Tea Cups


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