Is mallow tea suitable for cancer patients

by Domenica
(Melbourne, Australia)

Tea Question

I am a breast cancer survivor, and currently taking Tamoxafin.. is Mallow Tea ok to have as well ?????

Thank you for your tea question. I congratulate you on your big win over cancer. What an achievment!

I am not familiar with the prescription drug tamoxafin, nor do I give medical advice. But what I do suggest is you ask your primary care giver or doctor that prescribed the tamoxafin.

Medical doctors are able to tell you if you can suffer a reaction or the herb alters the prescription drug.

For the most part, mallow tea is a safe herbal tea, but I would not want to interfere with the good work your doctor has done in keeping you well.

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Perhaps ask your doctor which herbs compliment the tamoxofin, there will be some herbs that will enhance the effects of this prescription.

I wish you continued good health.

Be well,

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