is it safe to take valerian and kava at the same time?

by Susan
(Orange County)

Tea Question

I have a really hard time sleeping and suffer from anxiety. I am looking for a herbal tea to solve my problems and am wondering is it safe to take valerian and kava at the same time?

I hope you will be able to answer and help me get a good nights sleep without having daytime anxiety as well.

Hi Susan, thanks for the question about using valerian root and kava kava at the same time.

I personally would not suggest using these two together. You could really have some side effects as they are both very potent.

Perhaps try the valerian tea before bed, by grinding up some valerian root and steeping it - you can find out how to make valerian tea here.

Kava kava is a very strong sedative as well, you can read about Kava Tea through that link.

Perhaps some have tried these together but in my mind it would be the equivalant of drinking and taking valium!! So you know what that means, you would be a total mess and I am not so sure you would get the piece of mind you are looking for.

You can buy both of these herbs through our Tea Herbs section.

Good Luck,


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