Is a maple flavored tea too sweet for a dessert course?

by Diane McAuley
(Hartsdale, NY, USA)

I am hosting an afternoon tea next week. I will be serving salad, finger sandwiches, scones, and cake/cookies. I recently went to Quebec and brought back a maple flavored tea called Oh Canada. I had planned to serve it with the dessert course, but in tea magazines the teas served with the sweet course are not sweet. They are often black teas. Oh Canada is not overly sweet, but the house does smell like pancakes when I make it! is there a better course to pair with the maple tea or is it okay with the dessert course?


Hi Diane,
Thanks for the question about dessert teas. The maple sounds sweet... the dessert teas that are most popular are not sweet at all typically. This is to offset the sweetness of the desserts you are offering.

One of the nicest teas to offer with a dessert is Peppermint tea. Brew this up straight, and offer it to your guests with a lemon wedge and honey to sweeten.

It is delicious and is so nice paired with a scone or sweet treat. It also goes well with tea sandwiches. Your guests will enjoy it, I can almost guarantee it.

Take care, and good luck,

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