Insulated Tea Pot

If you are looking for a great investment - think insulated tea pot!
These lovely tea pots keep your tea fresh and hot for hours. No need to throw out cold tea and brew a fresh pot every few hours.

These are terrific for getting a great cup of tea through out the day from one single brewed pot of tea.

This is why we deem these units to be a best buy tea pot.

Here are our reviews and recommended products.

Insulated Tea Pots

There are several manufacturers and types of insulated style tea pots for your consideration. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Oggi Fusion Carafe with Tea Infuser - this is a nice elegant insulated tea carafe. There is a built in tea strainer - BUT it is plastic, so you may want to swap it out for a staineless steel infuser or bamboo infuser. A good tea carage for the money and will keep tea warm for up to 8 hours.
  • Zojirushi Stainless-Steel Easy-Serve Airpot - this is the ultimate for having hot tea all day long - perfect for the office or a retail store. You simply brew your tea and then transfer it into the air pot where it will stay hot and fresh for hours on end. You must brew the tea first, and then transfer it piping hot.
  • BonJour Insulated Tear Drop Glass Teapot with Shut Off Stainless Infuser - this is one of my favorites - the teapot is double walled and insulated and it is clear, so you can brew the tea to just the correct strength and it looks so nice.
  • Insulated Tea Glass Review

    I love this so much, I dug up so more details for you on this gorgeous insulated tea pot. Here is the overview of this fabulous must have product:

    Enjoy perfectly brewed tea with the BonJour Tear Drop Insulated Glass Teapot. The Tear Drop is the most recent innovation from BonJour and works very much like a French Press coffee featuring a patented shut-off infuser in which the filter traps the hydrated leaves below the brewing line of the infuser basket, allowing you to have more control over the brewing process. Simply add 3 to 5 tsp. of loose tea to the infuser basket, fill the teapot with up to 27 ounces of appropriately hot water, steep for 3 to 7 minutes, press and pour. Additionally, the BonJour Teardrop pot features double wall insulated glass craftsmanship to keep freshly brewed tea piping hot longer. This is especially useful with green and white teas that brew at lower temperatures. Hand blown borosilicate glass is accented with gleaming stainless steel knob, lid and infuser basket.

    How different is that? I love this tea pot and it would make a nice gift for yourself or someone who appreciates fine loose leaf tea.

  • BonJour Insulated Oblong Ribbed Glass Teapot - another fabulous insulated style tea pot from Bonjour. This one has a glass infuser inserted into the double walled tea pot.

    A classic beauty, keeping your tea warmer much longer than a traditional tea pot.

    This gorgeous all glass tea pot from Bonjour needed a few more words... it is indeed all glass - it is not recommended or approved for microwave use, or the dishwashwer....

    So you must hand wash. It is VERY delicate, and can break easily, so be warned, but it is just so pretty. Perfect for an afternoon tea party or for a formal occassion. You will cherish this one.

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