Iced Tea Jugs

Serve Iced Tea or Punch in Style!

Looking around the kitchen for iced tea jugs to serve your favorite iced tea recipe to your afternoon guests?

Iced Tea Jug

Jugs and containers for serving iced tea can come in all shapes and sizes. From inexpensive plastice jugs, to elaborite glass or crystal jugs, you can serve your iced tea in style no matter what your budget.

Here are a few iced tea tips for serving up your favorite recipes!

Iced Tea Jugs & Pitchers

Specialty stores, department stores and glass ware stores all have an assortment of jugs that you can use to serve up your iced tea. Here are a few options from least expensive to most expensive:

  • Plastic Jugs or Pitchers - You can simply use a plastic iced tea container or jug that can be used for serving fruit juices or drink mixes at other times of the year. You can usually pick one of these up for a $1 or so at your local dollar store. These iced tea containers often come in pretty colors so you can match your afternoon tea party theme or just go with a clear jug if you want to be able to see the iced tea.Plastic containers can absorb some of the flavor if you are using herbs or dark teas, so you may have to throw these out at the end of the season.
  • Glass Jugs or Pitchers - These are a personal favorite of mine and can be reused for years. You can pick up clear glass jugs at your dollar store for a couple of bucks, or more elaborate ones from department stores or specialty shops.

    Crystal Pitchers are also available, but get out your wallet, these can run you 100's of dollars.

    Clear glass is my favorite for serving Iced Tea but you can get colored glass as well. You can also scour your second hand stores or thrift stores and find yourself an old glass water jug made of heavy glass. These are sometimes ribbed and make a great iced tea jug! The Iced Tea and garnish look gorgeous in these old glass containers.

  • Iced Tea Jars - I happend across a very inexpensive Iced Tea Jar, used for making Sun Tea, at a discount store that was very pretty and it had a spout at the bottom for serving up the iced tea! It was really neat and I use this one all the time. Only thing is after a few uses the spout started to "leak", so perhaps a more expensive version would have worked a little longer. But still a great option for serving.

  • Metal Jugs or Containers - I do not recommend using a metal container or jug to serve your Iced Tea. The tea often picks up the metal taste and the tea is often ruined if left more than a minute or two. So, don't do it, you will wast a great jug of iced tea.
  • Insulated Iced Tea Containers- These are perhaps not the prettiest but the most practical for serving up really cold iced tea on a hot, hot day. You can pick up an insulated carafe for serving up your favoorte iced tea for less than $10 if you are a good shopper. There are different styles and qualities, but usually the less expensive ones work just fine.
  • Our Top Picks for Iced Tea Jugs Under$20

    Perfect Iced Tea Pitcher

    Perfect Iced Tea Pitcher

    This clear plastic pitcher shows off the color of your iced teas perfectly. With this durable pitcher, you'll enjoy iced teas all Summer! Includes a top to help prevent spills. Pitcher holds 64 ounces of iced tea and stands 9.25" tall. Diameter of 4.5". Works great with our Teavana Perfect Tea Maker (16oz.).Just $18.99

    Iced Tea Pitcher Blue

    Iced Tea Pitcher Blue

    This durable iced tea pitcher is perfect for cold brewing iced tea or just storing cold tea that's already been made. It holds 1.5 quarts and includes a tea ball. Â To cold brew iced tea, simply add the appropriate amount of tea to the tea ball and fill with warm water. Put the pitcher in your refrigerator until it's cold. And you have a great cup of iced tea! Just $18.99

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