Iced Tea - The Ultimate Summer Drink

Iced tea is among the many great things of summer. Served up in a pretty container or jug, there is nothing better than a nice freezing cold glass of tea on a hot summer day, relaxing by the pool.

Today their are many different types of tea which you can experiment with. Things like Arizona Ice Tea taste great but contain so much sugar you'll be acting like a little kid high on sugar. You can also try the artificially flavored sugar, which seems to be another favorite unfortunately.

For some reason, people love sugar. It might make some things taste good, but that doesn't compare with the damage it causes to your body.

That's why you need to learn how to make real tea, made from high-quality loose leaf tea, or at least from teabags without all the sugar.

We have put together Ice Tea Tips & Tricks to help you make the very best glass of Ice Tea. Check it out.

You can also visit our Iced Tea Makers Review Page to find out which ice tea making appliance is right for you!

The History of Ice Tea

In 1904 there was a huge event called the St. Louis World's Fair. This consisted of many entrepreneurs from all over the United States trying to show off their products in order to gain recognition. A man by the name of Richard Blechynden was a tea enthusiast trying to show off his tea.

Unfortunately a big heat wave came through and nobody wanted to drink his hot tea. Unsure of what to do, he desperately searched for an answer, which came out to be nothing other than plain old ice. He quickly dumped iced into his tea and it became the hit of the fair!

To read the rest of the history behind tea, go to my page on the history of tea.

Making Iced Tea Today

With the surge in new technology, making it today is easier than ever. You can experiment with hundreds of recipes, buy sampler packs of amazing tea, and use products such as the Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker.

With this iced tea maker you can easily make great tea that will impress any guests you might have over for a summer barbecue. They might even be so impressed that they'll get one themselves!

The great part about using a tea maker like this is that you can use either tea bags or real loose leaf tea. This is great because you can get a large variety of flavors instead of regular old orange pekoe black tea like that which is sold in stores to make iced tea with.

Another great aspect of using high-quality tea instead of the flavored sugar is the health aspect of it. If you're using high-quality tea, you really don't even need to put sugar in it. You might add a touch of honey or some type of fruit juice like a lemon, but their is really no need to add extra sugar. One of the amazing things about tea is how great it is for you - don't ruin that!

iced tea

Ice Tea Recipes

Here is a list of all the ice tea recipes I can find. Feel free to print them out as you experiment with a few of the recipes.

Sun Tea Recipe

Iced Green Tea Recipes

Sugar Free Instant Ice Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Recipes

Long Island Ice Tea Ingredients

Thai Iced Tea

More Iced Tea Recipes

Sweet Tea Vodka

How to Make Ice Tea


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