How To Make Herbal Tea

Looking for information on How to Make Herbal Tea? Well, we have compiled some great information on the do’s and don’ts for you.

First, there is not hard and fast rules about

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea brewing. Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different. Some like strong herbal teas and other prefer mild or lightly flavoured herbal infusions.

There are simply tons of different herbal teas and herbal tea combinations that can be made at home.

How To Make Herbal Tea

You must locate a reputable source to buy your fresh herbs, fresh herbs are of course the preference for making herbal teas, especially for medicinal reasons. If you are lucky enough to have located a supplier of fresh herbs, check to make sure they are organic if possible. Organic herbs will not have the pesticide and herbicide residue on and in the plant leaves.

Always rinse and wash fresh herbs prior to tea making, laying them on a piece of paper towel once washed to absorb excess water left on the leaves.

Herbal Teas are actually an infusion, meaning that the herbs are steeped in very hot water, usually for 1 – 3 minutes, depending on the flavour strength of the herb. Many herbs can also be used more than once for a steeping. So don’t be too quick to through out the herbs after the first steep. An example of this is Ginseng Tea which is excellent news due to the cost of the root. You can get up to 3 steeps from a section of Ginseng Root. When using herbs for more than one steeping, you must brew them a little longer each time to capture the flavours and healing properties.

Example: If you steep a pot of Ginseng Tea for 2 minutes the first time, and reserve the ginseng for another pot, you would typically steep the second pot for 3 –4 minutes, and a third pot for 6 – 8 minutes.

When making herbal tea with small leaf and green leaf type herbs such as peppermint, you can use a tea strainer. The tea strainer eliminates the need to strain off the herbs later and makes it very easy to reuse the herbs for another pot!

Typically the tea strainer sits in the top of teapot, hanging from the rim. You can also make your own reusable tea bags out of cheesecloth or hemp and simply load the tea bag with your herbs.

If you cannot locate fresh organic herbs, you can always grow your own, even in a kitchen window! A pot of peppermint is easy to grow, and so are many other herbs.

You can also buy your herbs dried from health food stores, and this is an excellent source for more exotic herbals. A dried herb will have a stronger flavour than a fresh herb, so you will have to use a little more.

An average guide to use is 3 tablespoons of fresh herb (1 tablespoon of dried herb) to a pot of tea, steeping for 1 – 2 minutes.

If you are looking for Free Herbal Tea Recipes be sure to check out our Herbal Recipe section. You can even add your favorite herbal recipe and we will post it to share with others!

I hope you enjoyed this information on How to Make Herbal Tea!


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