How to Brew Tea

How to brew tea is not as easy as some people think.

There are some definite DO's and DONT'S when it comes to brewing tea.

This page is going to walk you through some of the things that will help you make the best cup of tea ever.

You will be amazed at the difference in the taste of your tea by following these simple tea brewing tips.

Brewing Tea Do's

There are some things you must do to make sure you brew the perfect cup of tea. Here is a list:

  • Good Quality Water
  • Loose Tea Leaves
  • Water Temperature

Brewing Tea Dont's

There are some things you have to avoid when brewing tea, here are the top don'ts on the list:

  • Don't Boil the Water
  • Don't Use Tea Bags
  • Don't squeeze the tea
  • Don't press the tea
  • Don't over steep the tea

You can see there are more Dont's than Do's, but that is just the way it all works out.

This video really sums up the process, however it is a little simplified.

Brewing Tea - Water Temperature

The water temperature for brewing tea is critical. Each type of tea has a preferred brewing temperature to get the perfect cup of tea. Check out our articles on Brewing Green Tea and Brewing White Tea for some more tips on brewing these teas.

Brewing Tea - Loose Tea Leaves

When you are brewing tea, the best type of tea to use is always loose leaf tea or whole tea. Tea bags contain 'tea dust' and are very low quality.

You want to allow your tea to open and expand. Using a tea infuser is really ideal. Invest in one, it will take your tew brewing to a higher level.

Brewing Tea - Over Steeping

Have you ever been brewing a cup of tea and forgot about it? Only to return several minutes later and realize it is awful? This is oversteeping your tea. It makes it bitter. Some teas take a mere 30 seconds, others a minute or two.

Brewing Tea - Reusing Tea Leaves

You can reuse or resteep loose tea leaves up to 4 times. Just let each brew steep a minute or so longer than the one before. Get some value out of those nice loose tea leaves. Resteeping is a benefit of loose leaf tea.

Brewing Tea - The Water

If you start with poor quality water, you will get poor quality tea. No doubt about it. Tea is mostly water, so it is easy to figure. Most of us just reach for the tap, turn it on and away we go. If you home water is poor quality, use bottled water to make a great cup of tea.

I hope you found how to brew tea useful. Please share this with other tea lovers!!

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