how soon after 10 day green tea cleanse,can I do it again?

by Delores
(Vallejo, ca)

Tea Question - Greeen Tea Cleanse

I just did a 10 daygreen tea cleanse. How soon can i do it again?

Answer - Green Tea Cleanse

Doing any type of cleanse is good for the body, especially a green tea cleanse, but it is also very hard on the body.

You need to wait after any cleanse at least 4 months in my opinion.

Everyone is different - but please consider that you have cleansed - this means that you have 'starved' the body of nutrients it needs in an effort to rid toxins and excess waste from your organs.

Now you need to eat healthy and excercise. Re introducing healthy food and nutrients to the body slowly.

I hope this makes sense, you can make yourself very sick if you cleanse to often or for too long. Which is why 10 days is a suggested length of time.

You will feel energized and have a new outlook on your body and how you feel after a cleanse. This makes us want to do it again!! But, allow your body to enjoy its new found state, and take your time. Some people recommend cleansing only once every 12 months. So take that into consideration as well.

Please do let us know what effects the 10 green tea cleanse had on yourself. Everyone experiences a different outcome, so it is always interesting to hear.


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