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by Kent

Question: Herbs for Acne

Hi ive been drinking this herbal tea which consists of dandelion, burdock root, calendula, nettle leaves and red clover for 3 weeks to about a months now.Apparently these herbs are very beneficial for acne and i was just wondering how long it would take before i see results.Some say 2months at the very least some say longer im really confused...Hope u can help me out thanks

Answer: Acne Herbs

With any herb, and acne herbs included, your body needs to absorb and adjust to changes. You should start to see results in 4-6 weeks with improved results over time. Red Clover adjusts hormone levels, nettle is a cleansing herb as is dandelion. So, you need to have a little patience and let the herbs cleanse the impurities from your system. I suspect your results are just around the corner, but everyones body adjusts to herbal teas at a different rate.

You can also try a topical wash with the nettle and dandelion for some additional results.

You may want to visit our Best Herbs for Acne Article for additional herbs that are traditionally used topically or ingested as a herbal tea to treat and clear up acne.

Good Luck

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