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Is it alright to drink hot tea while on your menstrual cycle. because i have heard it makes your flow heaavier and causes cramps. is this true or false?

Some people do find that tea increases blood flow and cramping during their period - others find it can reduce the flow and cramping.

If it is causing you discomfort, don't drink it during your period - periods are bad enough without doing something that adds further discomfort.

You may want to try a different type of herbal tea that can ease your pain and cramping. You can read about some of the herbs that are used to treat menstrual symptoms on our womens herbs section. There are also links to specific articles there that will help you to determine which herbal teas to try.

We have readers who swear by these remedies to reduce menstrual pain and cramping and reduce the flow during their cycle.

I hope this helps, good luck,


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