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Hops Herb

Hops are usually associated with beer as it is used as a flavoring and stabilizing agent in beer and has been since around the 11th century. Hops are the female flowers of the plant that is part of the climbing perennial plant that is generally farmed in Hop yards or Hop gardens. Growing Hops can also be done in the home vegetable garden. There are different types of Hops vines and they are cultivated for different kinds of beer. Hops have a citrus and sweet flavor that blends well in the beer and the antibiotic properties make it stabilize the brewers yeast better than other microorganisms.

Though most often used in beer Hops has other herbal uses such as hops tea and is used as a method for building breast milk supply in nursing women; hops tea is suggested to be drunk with night time feedings to aid in sleep. Hops tea has become popular in other herbal remedies although the tea is said to be less flavorful than drinking a beer.

Hops Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

Hops can be made into a strong infusion or a tea; however the most benefit is from the strong hops tea, steep it as long as 4 hours or more. This can be prepared by placing 1 ounce dried hops herb in a 1 quart jar and fill with boiling water. Cover the jar and allow the herb to steep for at least 4 hours and at most overnight. After straining the infusion can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours, the infusion can be drunk hot or cold. Hops tea is prepared the same way only the steeping time is reduced to 10 – 20 minutes and the tea is milder flavored as well as less effective.

Hops Tea Uses & Herbal Remedies

Hops Tea Benefits

Hops tea can be drunk to build breast milk supply in breastfeeding women.

Hops tea can be used to treat nervousness and anxiety and promote sleep in cases of insomnia.

Hops have anti-inflammatory activity and can be used to aid in arthritis and muscle spasms.

Daily use of Hops tea has been reported to be effective measure to ease chronic constipation.

Dried Hops can be added to cloth pillows or dream pillows to help induce sleep and relieve insomnia.

Hops Tea Cautions

Hops should be used with caution if currently taking anti anxiety pills or antidepressants.

Other than occasional allergic reactions Hops is considered a safe herb.

For more information, read our Hops Tea article, including our source for buying organic hops. Or, visit the Tea Herbs section of our site.

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