Hoodia Tea

Hoodia Green Tea Information

Hoodia tea is often used to supress appetite and is known as a weight loss tea.

Hoodia green tea is the most common hoodia slimming tea sold on the market, however there is controversy and this article will help you to make your own decisions about hoodia gordonii and the dangers associated with it.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Hoodia Green Tea Products
  • Hoodia Slimming Tea
  • Dangers of Hoodia
  • Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects
  • Does Hoodia Work?
  • Is Hoodia Safe?

I hope you find the information about hoodia you are looking for.

About Hoodia Gordonii

Before we discuss the topics above, here is a little info about hoodia you should be aware of. Many people think of hoodia as a cactus, but it is actually unrelated to the cactus species. It is native to South Africa, and due to the surge in popularity, wild crafted Hoodia is now an endangered species.

It does resemble a cactus, and it is the flesh of the hoodia gordonii plant that contains the ingredient P57 that has been found to be an active appetite supressant.

The plant does flower, and the flower is very pretty, but smells like rotting meat, and is polinated mostly by flies who are attracted to the nasty smell.

Hoodia Green Tea

Hoodia green tea is sold as a slimming tea. There are side effects and dangers associated with hoodia that you can read about later in this article.

There are many hoodia tea products available from different suppliers, here are a few if you are interested in buying hoodia green tea to incorporate into an overall diet program. They are typically sold as hoodia supplements or diet pills.

Buy Hoodia Green Tea

Hoodia Slimming Tea

Hoodia is used in many commercial slimming teas as an appetite and hunger supressant. It has been proven effective, however their are side effects relating to liver damage you should be aware of. These are the most common hoodia slimming teas on the market.

Dangers of Hoodia

There are dangers of hoodia that you should be aware of. It has been used in South Africa for herbal medicinal reasons for 1000's of years. However in recent studies, hoodia has been associated to liver damage in some people. The most publicized hoodia dangers coverage was the withdrawl of HydroxyCut from store shelves.

You need to make your own call on this. Often herbs and herbal remedies are withdrawn as dangerous, when the have been used for 1000's of years quite effectivley. If you need more information, discuss the dagners of hoodia with your medical practitioner.

Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects

Hoodia has gone under a few trials, some were noted with great results and never published. Recently, hoodia gordonii side effects have been linked to liver damage. This was the most recent study published.

Does Hoodia Work?

If you are wondering "Does Hoodia Work?" you aren't alone, it is one of the most common questions we get about hoodia.

Hoodia seems to be effective to reduce the feeling of hunger in most people, however I personally have had super results using hoodia based products to drop weight quickly. No hunger, not a lot of eating.... Now in hind sight, that is not the best way to loose weight and can be hard on your body, coupled with the new information on liver damage, I will be a little more careful when I use hoodia tea in the future to ensure that I am eating healty when I do eat.

Hoodia supplements and hoodia tea helped me drop about 10 lbs quickly and without hunger.

Is Hoodia Safe?

This is the second most popular question we get about hoodia, "Is hoodia safe?" - There has been reported liver damage as I have mentioned, but I am not certain that it affects everyones liver in an adverse way. You should consult your medical practitioner for the ok to use hoodia and those with a weakened liver for what ever reason should not use hoodia based products at all.

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