Herbs for Depression

Herbal Tea for Depression

Herbs for Depression can be quite effective. Depression is a state or condition that can affect any of us at any time. Sometimes we know the cause and other times, it just sets in.

Certain herbs are able to uplift our spirits or mood and ease the symptoms of depression. This lift is sometimes all we need to break the cycle and get out of our depressed state.

Prior to prescription drugs, herbal remedies were used to treat depression. This was the norm for 1000's of years! These herbs are still effective today, and in some cases much safter than their prescription drug counterpart.

We have compiled some of the herbs that have documented results for improving the feelings of depression. A nice Depression Relieving Herbal Tea may be all you need!

Caution: Do not mix herbs with prescription drugs. Always consult your medical practioner prior to introducing hermbal remedies into your wellness plan.

Depression and Herbal Remedies

  • Ginkgo - Ginkgo is a supplement to herbal remedies for depression. Itself, it is not that effective, but as a supplement to St. John's Wort or Licorice, you may see improved overall results. Ginkgo impoves blood circulation to the brain, and can be effective as a mood stimulator. Just add some Ginkgo to your herbal tea.
  • Kava - Kava Kava is well know for it's mood enhancing properties. Kava has been used in the South Pacific for 1000's of years to enhance social settings. It will bring on an overall sense of well being and elevate ones mood.
  • Licorice - Licorice is a very effective anti-depressant. It has the ability stimulate anti depressant activity in the body. Licorice is safe and effective for treating mild to moderate depression in reasonable doses. No more than 3 cups of Licorice Herbal Tea a day.
  • St Johns Wort - St Johns Wort is the old stand by as a herbal remedy for depression. It is the most common herb used and it is a compound in the flower (hipericin) that makes it effective for relieving the feelings of depression, anxiety and sadness. St Johns Wort Herbal Tea is a common tea.

Caution - Consult your medical practitioner prior to emabarking on any herbal remedy for treating conditions or illness.


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