Herbal Tea Detox Formulas

There are many different herbal tea detox formulas on the market today. Most vitamin or health food stores carry many different types and it can be some what overwhelming. Just as there are many different formulas, there are different types of detox like liver detox or digestive detox. There are some common ingredients in most herbal tea detox formulas and we will introduce you to what they are.

One of the most popular and common of the marketed detox formulas is called Flor Essence. Flor Essence is known for it’s over all cleansing properties and it’s ability to boost energy as a result of the detoxification process.

Flor Essence not only promotes the cleansing of the liver, but also the kidney, colon, lungs and bloodstream. It is readily available to purchase online, and eVitamins, our affiliate partner offers 20% off the regular retail pricing for this herbal detox.

Flor-Essence Detox Liquid Formula by Flora - Try Some!

While Flor Essence is a detox formula, there are also such things as Detox Tea.

Detox Tea

Many of the Green Teas and White Teas have this cleansing and detox ability as well. Both the whites and the greens are also known for their ability to assist in the destruction of free radicals. There are also specialized teas such as the Detox Tea marketed by Yogi. It is a mild tea that can be used daily for up to 30 days. Yogi DeTox Tea has both burdock and dandelion (organic of course!) as main detox ingredients. Both of these herbs are known for their blood cleansing abilities. Juniper berries provide for support to the kidney and it’s functions, and the famous Ayurvedic cleansing blend made from organic ginger, organic black pepper and long pepper. This tea does not produce any harsh bodily reactions that some laxatives and diuretics can be known to do. This is a great detox formulas for those looking for a mild and effective detox over a period of about 30 days.

Herbal Detox - Things to Look For

When looking for a detox formula or herbal detox tea, always check the ingredients. Try to buy organic if at all possible as it doesn’t make much sense to detox with non-organic ingredients.

You will also see a common list of ingredients in many detox formulas. Burdock Root and Dandelion. Milk Thistle is also another comon herb used in detox.

Detox Green Tea will typically be green tea, with the burdock, dandelion and possibley milk thistle as additives. The concntration of these main ingredient herbs will determine the harshness of the detox process itself.

It is always safer to detox with a mild doseage to start with. Every ones body reacts differently and as the pollutants are removed from our bodies it can actually make you feel quite ill if your body reacts poorly to the concentration.

Once you have completed a detox, mild or moderate, you should enjoy revived energy, an over all sense of ‘feeling better’, relieve any feeling of bloating or holding fluids. Your liver, kidneys and blood stream will thank you for trying herbal tea detox formulas regardless of the one you choose.


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