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Herbal Tea Cleanse - Why it does your Body Good!

Cleansing the body is an important way to keep your immune system strong while fighting chronic exhaustion and fatigue. Using herbal teas in this process is preferable to other methods, as tinctures and extracts contain higher concentrations of herbs, which may be a shock to the system if you've never used them before. Adding natural products to your food to help with the process is sometimes desirable, but you may need to eat unusually large amounts to achieve the level of cleansing you desire.

The Goal of Your Herbal Tea Cleanse

Poor diet, environmental factors, and other everyday stresses take their toll on your body. Because these build up toxins in your system up over time, you don't immediately feel the effects of these toxins on your system.

Your body naturally removes the most dangerous of these toxins using organs such as the colon, lungs, liver and kidneys. But they don't remove all the bad stuff in your system, which can lead to feelings of fatigue, skin problems, sleeping problems, and overall poor health. That's why a herbal tea cleanse is important as it enhances your body's ability to flush itself out.

Herbal Tea Detox & Cleanses - How they Work

Oils and compounds in herbs are released by hot water when you make your tea. These oils and compounds are similar to the active ingredients you find in most over the counter medications and supplements, but in much smaller doses. And unlike active ingredients, they help build your immune system, allowing your body to naturally cleanse itself better on its own.

Herbs for Cleansing & Detox

You can make your own cleansing herbal tea or buy one at a health food store or grocery store. Try one herb for a more specific type of detox or a mixture for a more general approach. Common combinations include:

Red Clover Blossoms: Diuretic and helps clear mucus from the system. Recent medical research is using Red Clover to help with Diabetes and AIDS.

Parsley Leaves: Aids digestion and helps with kidney stone and bladder infections.

Burdock Root: Regulates blood sugar and improves liver functioning.

Uva Ursi: Helps flush toxins out through the kidneys and with urinary tract infections.

Elder Flowers and Berries: Cleanses the blood and helps the body fight off eight different strains of the flu.

Echinacea: This herb has enjoyed recent popularity due to it's ability to fight colds. However, many people should steer clear of this herb, especially those with multiple sclerosis, white blood cell disorders, collagen disorders, HIV/AIDS, autoimmune disorders, or tuberculosis.

Fenugreek: Helps those with digestion problems. Do not use if you have weight problems, as it is known to increase appetite.

Marshmallow: Great for the urinary tract and softens the skin.

Juniper Berries: Assists the kidneys, bladder and prostate in removing toxic waste.

Milk Thistle: Powerful liver detox herb. Those who have abused alcohol will benefit from a Milk Thistle detox.

These are only a few of the herbs available to assist you in your herbal tea detox. Though you can buy a mixture best suited to your needs at almost any pharmacy or natural health food store, but many of these concoctions can be extremely expensive. Making your own is simple and inexpensive.

Visit our How to Make Herbal Tea Page for instructions and examples of making your own herbal blends.

Last Minute Warnings About Herbs

Herbs are a wonderful way to detoxify your body, but remember an herbal tea cleanse can carry many of the same warnings as prescription medicines. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, and for interactions with alcohol and prescription medications. Herbs are not regulated by the FDA, so be sure to follow the recommended doses carefully.

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