Herbal Remedies for IBS


There are herbal remedies for IBS that you can try as an alternative to prescription drugs. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) affects 1 out of every 8 people, and most of them suffer in silence. All of these herbs (or most) can be made into an IBS herbal tea.

Bloating, gas, and stomach pains and discomfort can all be eased with herbal ingredients made into a nice herbal tea.

Ever wonder why peppermint is often offered after a meal at a restaurant? Even though it is usually in the form of a candy or mint, peppermint is an amazing digestive aid.

A cup of Peppermint Tea can ease away most IBS symptoms!

There are other herbs that can help as well:

  • Ginger - Ginger is an amazing digestive system regulator. Made into a herbal tea or tonic, IBS symptoms can really be helped by this amazing herg. IBS remedies can be as simple as steeping a cup of ginger herbal tea.
  • Fennel - Fennel is known to ease cramping for Menopause and PMS and it can do the same if you are suffering from cramping from IBS.
  • Oregano - Oregano Herbal Tea is one of natures little secrets. Really popular in Europe, oregano tea can put your digestive system into a state of calm, relieving most symptoms associated with IBS.
  • Anise - Medicinally Anise is used to aid digestion and dispel internal gas. Drinking a cup of Anise herbal Tea after a meal will ease digestion and the bloated gassy feeling often associated with heavy meals.
  • Chamomile Chamomile has the ability to soothe and ease away stress and tension, which can contribute to IBS. It also has a calming effect on the digestive system to provide much needed relief from pain and cramping.
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