Herbal Fertility Tea

Herbal fertility tea has been used for centuries to aid in increased fertility for those trying to conceive or in simple terms - get pregnant!.

Prior to western medicine, women had to rely on fertility herbs. Natural remedies to aid in achieving pregnancy were all that was available. These fertility herbs can help women today to increase the likelihood of pregnancy by preparing the body to conceive.

Herbal Fertility Solutions

Fertility Tea is the most common way to introduce fertility herbs to your diet and your body, but there are fertility vitamins and supplements that contain the same herbs available as well.

Each fertility herb contributes different properties to the body, and certain combinations are most effective for increased fertility rates. Many women report the ability to "get pregnant" was increased by using fertility herbs.

Herbs used to Achieve Pregnancy

The following herbs are the most common when trying to increase your ability to become pregnant.

Red Clover Blossom

Red Clover Blossom is one of the most effective herbs for increased fertility. It is the dried blossoms that are used in teas and infusions. It can take several months or years for the clover to have affects on increased pregnancy rates, but it seems to be very effective over time.

Red Clover Blossom contains calcium and magnesium. It also aids in relaxing the nervous system and relaxing muscles making it one of the best herbs for infertility solutions. Read More.......

Common Nettle

Common Nettle is often combined with Red Clover Blossom as a fertility tea. Nettle has also been touted as benefiting men when conception is trying to be achieved. The benefits of nettle are nourishing and strengthening the kidneys, increasing fertility in men and women, nourishing the mother and the fetus once pregnancy has been established. Another powerful fertility herb. Read More......

Red Raspberry Leaf

Fertility Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf has aided in increased fertility for centuries. It is a uterine tonic, promotes fertility and contains iron and calcium and vitamin C and B. Red raspberry leaf tones the uterus. Read More.......

Chaste Berry

Chaste Berry is a hormone regulating herb. It helps when the ability to become pregnant is hindered by a hormonal imbalance in the body. Chaste Berry or Vitex is also known as the 'female herb'. Read More......

Fertility Tea Recipe

Visit our Fertility Tea Recipe Page for some more great fertility herb information and a recipe to help you increase fertility.

It can be depressing when you are trying to become pregnant and not having success. Just try to keep open minded, positive and care for your body the best you can.

Herbal fertility tea is just one infertility solution. There are other alternatives available and you should discuss your concerns with your health practitioner. Health food stores and naturopathic doctors may also be able to provide alternative infertility advice.

Trouble Getting Pregnant?

Fertility Herbs Can Help!

I know how upsetting it can be if you really want to be pregnant and are having trouble. I think you will find Getting Pregnant Naturally of some benefit. It is a holistic approach to pregnancy, and there have been some great results with this program. I have had several of my readers email me and tell me they are pregnant!

So, if you are looking for natural ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant, Reversing Infertility and Increasing your chances through Ancient Chinese Herbs may really help you get a positive pregnancy. Good Luck.


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