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Is there any kind of herbal tea that will stop unwanted hair growth?

In women unwanted hair growth can be a sign of a low level of estrogen - as a result we see hair growing in unwanted places like our upper lip, chin, breasts and around our nipples.

If you have suffered from unwanted hair growth you know how troublesome it can be - it is a constant worry. If you are female and want to drink a herbal tea that may help increase the estrogen levels in your body and retard the unwanted hair growth there are several herbal teas for you to try.

One of the most popular is fenugreek tea. This herb contains a high level of phytoestrogens, plant derived estrogens, that can increase the estrogen level in our bodies. It also can increase your breast size by as much as two full cups - so use caution unless you were looking for bigger fuller breasts.

Another herbal tea rich in phytoestrogens is red clover tea. This is not as popular as the fenugreek, but it is really a nice cup of tea made from the flower buds of red clover.

My third suggestion for estrogen rich tea is flax seed tea, it packs a punch of estrogen too.

All of these herbs can be purchased from our tea herbs section on the site.

Hope this helps, and good luck,


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