Herbal Tea for Increased Energy?

by Allison Peters
(Portland Oregon)

I am in search of a herbal tea for increased energy.

I get the usual mid day crash around 2pm when I am at work and can't seem to handle caffeine based products passed about 11am.

If I do drink coffee or tea after noon, I am just jittery and don't get a good nights sleep no matter what!

If anybody knows of a herbal tea that I could use to give me that extra boost mid day without caffeine I would be so appreciative!

I don't want to be totally buzzed out or anything, just to get rid of the mid day sleepy syndrome. ( I think most office workers get this feeling).

Also, it has to be pretty easy to prepare because I work in an office and would have to make it in the break room.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help!

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