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Helpful Links - Looking for additional resources to further expand your knowledge about tea, herbal remedies, holistic healing & other interesting sites? Let us help. Enjoy the following websites for information on tea and related subjects. Check back often! We are continually updating this resource page.

Essiac Tea Remedies

- A website dedicated to essiac tea, which is a herbal tea commonly used to help cure differenty types of cancer, along with a variety of other benefits.


- Tea and Tae kwon do go hand in hand. Learn how martial artists use tea in their training at Taekwondo-Network

Energise for Life

- A health, personal development and success resource.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

- When it counts most: Aroma-Essence.Com - Natures's trusted Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil's store.

Making Home Remedies

- Learn how to make ointments, creams, decoctions, tinctures etc, which are shown with step by step photographs, sot that you can start making home remedies for everyday ailments. Look up specific herbs and find herbal remedies for common ailments.

Holistic Herbalist

- Dr. Vikrama presents in Holistic Herbalist the practical information about herbal remedies and medicinal herbs that is balanced along the holistic approach of ayurveda and analytic apporoach of modern herbal medicine.


- Consultea is a New York based company offering consulting services to restaurants/tea houses and individuals. Tea tasting workshops are also available.

Green Tea Lovers

- Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Green Tea

We specialize in maximizing the health benefit of green tea and cater to the health conscious consumer. Try our Japanese sencha, organic, decaf, teabags, white & rooibos selections too!

Free Kombucha Tea - Enjoy Remarkable Good Health!

- Kombucha Tea is an amazing, delicious, homemade fermented ice tea that has improved the health of millions. For more than 2000 years it has been used as an effective remedy for a myriad of illnesses. Read many testimonials, learn more now!

Wise Woman - Susun Weed

- Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way - Plenty of articles, resources, and links. Information on Susun Weed's workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses.

Gourmet Loose Top Quality Tea

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of gourmet loose teas, flowering teas and herbal teas.

Your Own Free Restaurant Web Site

Olive leaf fights colds, flu, viruses, shingles & CFS, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol & more - Olivus Olive Leaf, a Caffeine Free Antioxidant that delivers Oleuropein to build immune system response. Can be Served Hot or Chilled. Information at or

Vitamins - Online Vitamins shopping, Heart/Cardiovascular Formulas. Tea. Garlic. C C Ester Vitamin. B Vitamin Complex

Weldon Flavorings - The very best way to create flavored coffees by the cup. Carry it in your pocket or purse or provide flavored coffees at your party or reception.

Open Doors To New Sales
How can you benefit from this service? Warm up a prospect before the sale. Telling them about a free service that can help their business grow is about the best way there is to get an owner or manager interested in talking to you.

Small business web directory by catagory and pages
Get listed under black tea health benefits category. Also try at Beauty | Business | Construction | Education | Finance | Health | Insurance | Jobs | Medical | Real Estate | Travel

SEO Services

Hale Tea Company: Importers and Pureyors of Quality High Grown Teas.

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