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Writing NEW
by: Anonymous

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by: Luke

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Ultimate Tea Diet - Control Group Study-Review
by: dr. tea

As the author I can mention to you that we had a control group study of 18 persons ages 18-60 lose and average of 18 pounds 14 inches in 8 weeks on the plan.

Please send me your thoughts.

Ultimate Tea Diet
by: Anonymous

I too am really crazy about Tea! If you drink decaf tea, as far as I know, you reduce the metabolism boost as much of it comes from the caffeine in the tea

I have even checked out the tea diet pills and they also have a large amount of caffeine as do most weight reduction supplement products.

If caffeine bothers you, you will just have to drink more of the decaf or caffeine reduced and that kind of doesn't make sense.

Tea still has alot less than coffee as far as caffeine goes, so you are at least better of there.

As far as the rest of the health benefits go, I suspect by reducing the caffeine it doesn't affect the other healing qualities.

There is a great page on this site to decaffeinate your own tea and it just says that most of the caffeine comes out in the first brew, so if you keep that in mind, just brew your following batches longer for the health benefits and metabolism boost.

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