guidelines: Rooibos tea for babies

by Gail
(Orlando, FL, USA)

How much and how often should you give rooibos tea to 9 month old twins that were very premature? Would you brew the tea (how strong?) cool it and give in a bottle or use the tea as part of the water to mix the formula?

Hi and thanks for your question about rooibos tea and babies.

In Africa, this is standard, to give your babies rooibos tea. They do not mix it with anything so I am not sure about mixing it into baby formula, you might curdle the formula. You should check with your doctor about this.

As far as giving the rooibos tea to the babies, it should be very weak in my opinion. The herb can be powerful to a new body like a baby.

I would check with a herbalist or naturapath or your regular doctor to make sure you are not causing any harm in giving his to your babies. In Africa, this is very common, and there do not appear to be side effects or anything bad from giving a baby rooibos - but always a good idea to check.

Thanks and good luck to you.

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