Guarana Tea

What is Guarana?

Our guarana tea page has lots of information about guarana as a herb and herbal remedy.

The article below will address the most common question we get: "What is guarana?" as well as information about the side effects of guarana, guarana dangers, guarana and weight loss, a guarana herbal tea recipe, and a resource for the best place to buy guarana. I hope you enjoy the article.

What is Guarana?

This is one of the most common questions we get emailed to us so if you are wondering "what is guarana?", here is a summary of this herb.

Guarana is a climbing or vining plant that is native to the amazon region. It grows profusly in Brazil and has been used for medicinal purposes for 100's of years.

It is not the guarana plant, but the fruit that is used for herbal remedies. The fruit is small, has brown/red flesh and black seeds. The guarana seeds contain over two times the caffeine that you get in a coffee bean.

Because of the very high caffeine content, guarana seeds will give you a boost of energy more than twice that of a good shot of expresso.

In Brazil, it is used to make soda or pop and it is the most popular soda drink consumed there. It is marketed under many different names, the most popular being Guarana Antarctica Brazilian Soft Drink.

Historically, the seeds of the guarana fruit were used to make a tea. They were ground and steeped, and it is a very common drink.

In the US, it is now a major ingredient in energy drinks, you can find many energy drinks sold with guarana as a main ingredient.

Side Effects of Guarana

Because of the high content of caffeine in guarana seeds, you can expect the same types of side effects and dangers as over consuming coffee.

Guarana stimulates blood flow and heart, and can make you very hyper, people with heart conditions, heart disease and weak hearts should not take or consume products with guarana. Guarana can cause seizures and strokes.

Pregnant women should not drink guarana drinks or tea either. Avoid guarana totally if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Guarana & Weight Loss

Guarana is a powerful stimulant. Like Ma Huang, Ephedra and Caffeine, it is often used in weight loss products.

The high caffeine content and stimulant properties are effective in helping you to loose weight. There is also a recent study out that suggests that there may be appetitie suppression linked to guarana as well. Making an organic guarana tea like in the recipe below is one of the best ways to ingest guarana.

Making Guarana Tea

If you are looking to have guarana in your diet for energy or weight loss, and not the sugar of the energy drinks or brazilian sodas, then making a herbal tea is the way to go.

Here is the basic Guaran Herbal Tea recipe:

Let the guarana steep for 3-5 minutes, strain and drink warm or cold.

Buy Guarana

As we mentioned, guarana is popular in many energy drinks and sodas. We have an excellent source for buying pure organic guarana. Mountain Rose Herbs offers guarana in a variety of sizes and quantities. To visit their site, follow the banner below.

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You can also purchase guarana in a variety of other forms. Here are some of the most popular guarana products.

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