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Guarana Herb

Native to the Amazon the Guarana plant is a climbing herb which has large leaves and flower clusters but is most known for its fruit. Each fruit contains one Guarana seed which contains about three times as much caffeine as a coffee bean!

The fruit of the Guarana is orange to red and the Guarana seed is black but covered with a white fleshy covering and when cut the fruit gives the appearance of an eyeball.

Guarana plants are mostly grown in Brazil and is also called Brazilian Cocoa. The Guarana plant was introduced to the western world in the 17th century and became commercialized in the mid 1900s. Today Guarana seed and Guarana seed extract is used in many teas and energy drinks as well as energy supplements and is thought to increase performance and alertness.

Guarana is available in pill form as well as in powdered form and Guarana seed powder can be added to chocolate and other drinks as well as making a tea. Guarana powder will not dissolve and should not be added to beverages that contain ice as the Guarana powder will stick to the ice.

Guarana Seed Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe

Guarana tea is prepared by adding ½ to 1 teaspoon powdered Guarana to 8 ounces of boiling water.

Benefits of Guarana & Herbal Remedies

Guarana is used as a measure to lose weight and is being reported to be effective in weight loss when combined with Yerba Mata and Damiana.

Guarana is used to increase energy and alertness.

Guarana Side Effects & Cautions

Excessive use of Guarana has been reported to cause seizures.

Guarana should not be used by people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Guarana should not be used in combination with Ephedra as it increases the risk of stroke, hemorrhage and death.

Guarana is discouraged during pregnancy and breastfeeding just as caffeine is.

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