Green Tea and Antibiotics

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea and Antibiotics? YES! Recent research from the Alexandra University in Egypt has produced results showing that consuming green tea, even mild amounts while taking antibiotics greatly increases the antibiotic activity in our bodies.

Green Tea and Antibiotics

Green Tea enhances and increases the effectiveness of anti-biotics! In some cases it was shown to increase effectiveness by as much as 100%.

In the instance of superbugs, superbugs being defined as those that resist antibiotics and are difficult to eradicate, the enhanced activity of the antibiotic against the superbug was as much as 20%.

This is more excellent research into the benefits of green tea and how our bodies can benefit. Green Tea has been in the news more and more recently, and this study should shake it up a bit more.

This study is to be presented to the Society for General Microbiology in Edinburgh, Scotland.

To read the entire article, which is excellent, on Green Tea Boosts Antibiotics for Superbugs, Visit CBC News

Green Tea Benefits

Boosting the effectivness of antibiotics is just one of the benefits of green tea. There are acutally lots. Free radical reduction and elimination would be high on my list of benefits of green tea. Free radicals really weaken our bodies and are present in most of us.

Increased energy is another great benefit of green tea. Now this is due to a caffeine boost, which is not the best for us, but still a cup of green tea to get you through your day is not as bad for you as some of the alternatives.

So, a little extra energy, free radical control, and the boost to the effects of antibiotics are just a few of the things green tea can do for you. Below are some of my personal favorites.

More Favorite Green Loose Tea to Try

Pomegranate Green

Ginseng Green Tea

Pi Lo Chun Green

Sencha Premier

Kukicha Green

Gyokuro Green

Gunpowder Green

Green Pekoe

Genmai Cha

Emerald Needle Green

Dragonwell Green


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