Green Tea Is Natures Miracle Drink!

You've probably heard about the wonderful health benefits of drinking green tea. Although it dates back to roughly 2,600 B.C., research has only semi-recently been done - but the results that have come back are fantastic!

Since research studies have shown the health benefits of drinking a few cups per day, it's consumption has gone up dramatically. With a light, grass-like taste, it is favored by many, even over coffee! Although each company can give it a slightly different flavor depending on the location and unique way of producing it, they all stem from that same original taste.

In order to get the full flavor, you need to brew it properly. Here are some hints!

There are many ways in which tea is made, depending on where it's grown and what kind of tea it is, but one of the most important factors which determines the health attributes is how long the fermentation process is. The longer the tea leaf is fermented, the more caffeine and the less polyphenols in contains. Polyphenols, also referred to as flavanoids, are chemicals that act as antioxidants and help rid of the body of free radical cells.

Free radical cells cause damage to the body by destroying the cells ability to replicate in a healthy way. Instead, that cell will start to mutate which can cause things like cancer and other life-threatening diseases, as well as some smaller problems along the way. I don't know about you, but I think it's VERY important to make make sure there are minimal amounts of free radicals in my body. It may possibly be your best solution to help to kill them off!

Green-tea is truly a little miracle in a cup. We have put together some very intersting information about green-tea that will help you in your quest for information. Some of the topics you will find on our site are:

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    The word "antioxidants" has become a very popular world in the past few decades, and people are always trying to figure out ways to get a hold of more antioxidants each day. While trying to take in more antioxidants is wonderful for you, most people do it in the wrong way. They go out and spend their hard earned money on Vitamin C and E tablets when they could be using their money much more wisely drinking a few cups of tea everyday. Please, don't make the same mistake!

    Green Tea Facts

    "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well guess what folks - one cup of this magical drink has about three times the antioxidants as one apple! How's that for keeping the doctor away? I think if everyone drank a few cups everyday doctors would be out of business!

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    The antioxidants in green-tea have been researched extensively and found to be up to 100 times more effective at killing free radical cells than Vitamin C, and up to 25 times as effective as Vitamin A.

    Hot Tea Cup

    Just a few cups a day can have a tremendous impact on your ability to fight almost all types of cancer, common cold, flu, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, stress levels, and cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. It also helps to prevent one of this worlds largest killers - heart attacks. Your heart is directly related to how long you will live, and you should do all you can to keep it as healthy as possible. There is much controversy over drinking it while being pregnant.

    More benefits of drinking this amazing tea is that it also leads to burning fat and calories as a result of a faster metabolism, it prevents tooth decay, and is now starting to come out in the form of skin creams and other products which result in smoother, healthier skin. Green-Tea properties have also been noted in treating acne and its symptoms The benefits never stop!

    Organic Teas from Teavana

    If you are worried about drinking tea while being pregnant, learn how to reduce about 80% of the caffeine from the tea!

    Although the side effects are very limited, especially when compared to the benefits, they can possibly still affect you. Always check with a doctor before putting anything new into your body.

    In my opinion there is no better bang for your buck than drinking a few cups of green-tea everyday. Investing your money in green-tea instead of the latest diet fad will help you life longer, healthier, and even happier!

    Green Tea Guide

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