Green Tea - It really can BOOST your Metabolism

by Suzzane
(Sunny California)

Just wanted to pass along some of my experience using green tea as a metabolism booster.

I tried the green tea fat burner pills that you can pick up in you local pharmacy or health food store.

The pills say they can increase your metabolism, and in turn help you burn fat. I was only looking for a little boost to help loos a few pounds so I gave them a try.

A couple of things I wanted to share with others.

If you take the pills (morning and noon) not a whole lot seems to happen. The pills are high in cafeine, so I had a sleepless night one day when I took them after 3pm. (Just a heads up!)

BUT.... if you eat a good diet and excercise (even a walk around the block every 2nd day or so) the results were amazing. The weight just slid off and I felt fabulous!

If any one else has tried green tea to boost metabolism I hope it worked as well for you.

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