Green tea contain senna?

by Jane
(norton mass )

I have been drinking green tea for 10 years several cups a day, does green tea contain senna ? I was told to stay away from herbal teas. To my knowledge green tea is not a herbal tea. drink bigelow green tea and some black teas on occassion. Please advise.

Green tea alone does not contain senna. Senna is a laxative herb, and it should be shown on the label or ingredient list if it is contained in a tea blend.

If you are buying loose leaf green tea, it typically would not contain any senna at all. You can ask at the retail shop if you are buying pure green tea - if so, that is all it should be.

Senna is usually present in laxative type teas, including some green teas that are presented and sold in that fashion. If you are concerned, just ask and I am sure that you will be able to find pure green tea without any sennna.

Good Luck.

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