Are Green Tea Cleansing Skin Care Products Really Worth The Money?

Surely you've heard the various claims about how green tea cleansing skin care products are wonderful for your skin. Many new products are becoming available, and the majority of them contain green tea. But do these green tea cleansing skin care products really do what the advertisers say they do? Read on and find out as I pick apart the evidence.

Why They Say It Works

As you already know, green tea is great for your body in almost every way. Here are 2 reasons why advertisers want you to believe you need to buy the skin cream with green tea in it.

  • 1) Antioxidants - Because of the immense quantity of antioxidants green tea contains, it would supposedly be good for your skin as well. These antioxidants help fight off free radicals which are the main cause of wrinkles, blemishes, and other defects in your skin that make it look old. You can think of these antioxidants as a type of protection for the skin - protecting it from the free radicals which cause harm to it and make us look old.
  • 2) Sun Protection - Green Tea can also help protect your skin from damaging rays of sun, which also cause your skin to look old. If you've ever seen a person with dark, leathery skin (people who tan constantly) - you know what I mean. You still need to wear sunblock because green tea protects by killing the free radicals and reducing inflammation, not by blocking UV rays.

Now, as great as that might sound, these large companies trying to sell you on green tea cleansing skin care are forgetting to leave out one simple point - green tea doesn't work nearly as well when its outside of it's original environment because the chemicals need all other chemicals in order to work properly, and the antioxidants lose their power when exposed to air for a period of time.

Weird that advertisers forget to mention that fact, isn't it?

Do Green Tea Cleansing Skin Care Products Work?

Given the information I've provided thus far, what do you think the studies will show? Well, one study that I know of has been conducted, and it has mixed results.

In 2005, 40 women with moderate skin damage were randomly assigned to use a product of 10% green tea cream and 300mg green tea oral supplement (twice daily) or they were given a placebo. In an 8 week period, no significant differences were found between the groups, meaning that nothing actually happened.

However, when studied using histological grading (think of it as "under the microscope") significant improvements were made in the elastic tissue content of the women using the product.

My Views On Green Tea Cleansing Skin Care Products

Since I'm a big tea lover, I will side with the manufacturers in that green tea is beneficial to your health, but with a minor stipulation. You see, I believe that if people started using their brewed tea as a skin care product it would work out much better. By doing it yourself, you can bypass many of the reasons why green tea isn't as beneficial as it could be - and therefore improve your skin dramatically.

Since the studies show an improvement on a microscopic level, that is still a great thing to hear. Also, this study was only conducted on a group of 40 women, and many more studies will need to be conducted before it can truly be said whether or not it benefits your skin.

For now, I would suggest buying the green tea cleansing skin care products, but I honestly wouldn't pay extra money for them. You can always just brew a pot and dip a rag in it to apply the real green tea to your body, or freeze some green tea ice cubes and rub them on your body on a nice hot summer day before going outside.

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Of course green tea is very natural as well, but she provides many other ways you can take care of your skin as well.

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