green tea and fatigue

by serge waismann
(London, UK)

Teas and Fatigue

As you may already know, fatigue has basically two main factors that may be the cause. The first is the mental state, due to stress and emotional charged experiences and the second is the physical one.

Usually fatigue is caused in deficiencies in the liver, that produces the blood that reenergise your body. The second main organ are the lungs because of Chi, energy that brings to the body, via breathing. Any deficiency there is critical to fatigue.

Teas will give you the balance that you need and I recommend you to drink at least four to five cups a day of Green Tea. You have a choice of many Green Teas, especially the fresh ones. Like white wine, the younger the leaves the better they will be with more properties and preserved natural properties. No proper Green Tea will ever be placed in a tea bag – I can assure you that. The ones you buy on the super market, labelled as Green teas are mostly junk … and far from the real leaves. You need to find the pure leaves, loose teas like the ones from In Nature Teas. In fact if you want to try I would recommend in the beginning I would say six to eight cups a day. It will indeed clean most of impurities now in your system that are most likely to be the source of your fatigue problem. Please do not drink Green teas after five in the afternoon or if someone is pregnant. At night, half an hour after dinner drink the Puerh, that will assist to eliminate the excesses and fats found in the food.

The best Green Teas are: Long Jin, Mao Feng and Bilo Chun. There are more then 100 different types, all as long as they are fresh have in general the same natural properties applies.

Especially during the warmer months, Green teas it’s a great way to boost your energy levels, and in some ways assist with digestion and many other health benefits. Research has shown that green teas contains over 500 known health properties, including high doses of polyphenol which is a successful tested anti cancer prevention agent.

Keep healthy , enjoy life and drink pure teas.

Serge Waismann

For In Nature Teas

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