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Gourmet Tea Blends

There are many gourmet blends of tea out there on the market today. This Gourmet Tea Information will introduce you to a few of them, but now a days, you can even create your own blend with the help of a tea connoisseur. They are easy to find in tea specialty shops in urban centers. Adagio Teas is our favorite online gourmet tea supplier.

You will be amazed at the flavours and varieties available when shopping for loose leaf teas.

Gourmet Tea Set

Gourmet Tea Set

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  • Blue Buddha Tea This infusion is a warming blend of mallow flowers, linden flowers, ginger and Tibetan lavender designed to help bring some peace of mind in an anxious world.
  • Pink Lemonade Not a tea per say but a herbal infusion - gorgeous and pink! It is a citrus infusion of lemon grass, lemon balm and hibiscus, designed to help battle the sniffles, aches and pains from cold and flu, or to be enjoyed as a no caffeine alternative.
  • Cha Wang Ginger A piquant & spicy naturally flavoured high mountain grown Ceylon tea with ginger pieces. Reported to have anti-oxidant properties making it a free radical scavenger, and sometimes used to aid depression. and often used as a home remedy to the common cold, it is perfect for a cold weather warm up or iced with lemon in the summer.
  • Yerba Mate Traditional ‘tea’ from Latin America. It is said that Mate is a natural hunger and thirst suppressor. Light in flavour with a tobacco character. A great energy and immune system booster.
  • Pu-Ehr The only tea that is aged. This tea is produced in the Yunnan province of China and is buried after oxidization. The tea is full bodied with musty characters. It is believed that this tea helps reduce the fat content in the blood – aiding to reduce cholesterol.

Many of the teas that are considered Gourmet are not teas at all but Herbal Infusions . Herbals, wether it's flavour, color or both that you are looking for in a gourmet tea, these are some of the elements that you can always change to suit your tastes or needs. Of course many of the herbal teas also have beneficial properties as well. You can read more about the benefits of herbal tea here.

There are just tons of gourmet teas to add to the Gourmet Tea Information Guide! We will continue to build the guide, so check back often and visit Adagio Teas if you wish to purchase gourmet tea.

Tip If you love a tea, such as black tea, try adding a little chocolate and orange to the pot. - Truly Decadent!

Gourmet Tea Information - How To Buy Tea

Look for the freshest greenest tea you can find. The same goes for herbs and flowers for a fusion. You do not want to buy 'old' ingredients.

Exception: Some teas are 'aged' to create their unique flavour, texture and aroma. I have seen tea available for sale that is more than 30 years old. These are rare, collectable teas that have unique, sought after flavours.

When shopping for most teas, you want to try to seek out those teas that have come from the first 'cut' of the season. The first harvest tea leaves have more nutrients and beneficial properties than second and third harvests.

Typically the earlier the harvest, the more you will pay for the tea. First harvests are usually more expensive than second and third harvests.

Buy only what you will use in a 4-6 week period, after that it will be stale. Sometimes you will find great 'buys' on bulk - don't do it, you will be disappointed and end up throwing it away.

Gourmet Tea Information How To Store Tea

Tradtional Tea Boxes are always a favorite for storing tea. There are some beautiful hardwood tea boxes available online, visit our Tea Boxes Information page for some of our top picks for storing tea in a tea box or tea chest.

Don't leave your precious tea in open bags or containers. Transfer it to tea boxes or tea containers to get the longest shelf life from your fresh tea!

Exception: Some of the aged teas are left in the open to age, they should be stored in the same method. If you are purchasing an aged tea or tea cake, ask the seller the best method for storing.

Gourmet Tea Bags?

Gourmet Tea Information

Is there such a thing? Remember the ingredients in tea bags are usually almost a powder.... Not the freshest tea on the block. While you may find it convenient, you will give up flavour and healing properties if you go this route. My advice, buy fresh, take the time to brew it right and you will always have a great cup of tea! We do have an excellent article on empty tea bags that can be hand filled with your gourmet loose teas. If you want convenience, check it out. The empty tea bags are really inexpensive.

We hope you enjoyed this Gourmet Tea Information - Check back! We are updating the site often.

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