Glass Tea Pots


Glass Tea Pots have become a bit of a trendy way to serve your tea! If you are planning an afternoon tea and want to make a statement, you may want to consider a glass tea pot as your afternoon tea centerpiece with a blooming tea flower inside. They look specatacular! We have a great selection of blooming tea in our Flowering Tea Store.

Tea Pot Flower

There are many different styles of tea pots that are made of glass. Most are clear, but you can find coloured ones as well.

Some of these tea pots have a built in tea infuser. The infuser allows you to brew loose tea easily with little mess. It is one of the best features of a tea pot, so keep that in mind while you are looking for one.

These tea pots are some what trendy and you may even find some with gold and silver accents, but they will cost you a pretty penny.

On average, you can find clear tea pots made of glass for less than $20. They make a great gift for the tea lover on your list.

Practicality of Tea Pots Made of Glass...

These tea pots tend to diffuse the heat quite quickly, so if you are looking for a tea pot that keeps your tea warm for a longer period of time, you may want to consider a cast iron tea pot, these really hold the heat. The cast iron pots are also sold in many different designs.

If you really love the look of glass, some of the best tea pots you can find are those made of pyrex. There is some heat resistance in these and you can actually keep the tea a little warmer. Some of the really old pyrex tea pots can even be placed on the stove element on low..... You still get the beauty of seeing your tea, and you get to keep it warm!

Why a Tea Pot Made of Glass?

Well, some of the most common reasons for using a tea pot that is glass are that you can see the colour of your tea. Most tea drinkers know exactly what 'colour' they like their tea. So if you use a glass pot, you can tell when your tea is just perfect.

It is also quite easy to keep clean. For those who dislike the thought of a stained tea pot, glass is a great option. They are really easy to clean.

Buying a Teapot?

Adagio Teas has a great selection of beautiful tea pots for you to choose from. One of my favorite sites for tea and tea accessories. Adagio Teas.

Here are some other interesting glass tea pots available via Amazon (so you know you get the best price) that I found very eye catching as well.

Glass Style Tea Pots On Sale

Ebay often has some amazing deals on glass and clear teapots. New and used - some vintage finds for tea pot collectors!!


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